Dear Church Family,

This past Sunday, we finished a six-week sermon series called One Kingdom Indivisible with a focus on how we should see ourselves in relation to politics, our nation and the Kingdom of God. This was a series formed out of a gathered group of pastors who wanted to do something to walk out the unity which we believe that we are called to in Christ.

As this group of pastors seeks to debrief this effort together, it would be a great blessing to me to hear from you about what impacted you or what stuck with you in the past six sermons. Did God change any of the ways that you view American politics or your role in it? Did you learn anything new about the church or the Kingdom of God? What did the Holy Spirit highlight or say to you regarding your life as you listened to the sermons?

To reactivate your memory, here are the titles:

One Kingdom Indivisible:  Creation
One Kingdom Indivisible:  Exodus
One Kingdom Indivisible:  Exile
One Kingdom Indivisible:  Gospel
One Kingdom Indivisible:  Church
One Kingdom Indivisible:  New Creation

If you can’t remember much about the sermons  I want to encourage you to go back and watch or listen to them; you can find the entire series on our website here. The next 76 days before the national election are going to be intense in many ways. It will be important that you are spiritually rooted in the truth and reality of God if your heart is going to remain soft and full of love and faith in the midst of it.

Finally, for those of you who read Thou Shalt Not Be A Jerk: A Christian’s Guide to Engaging Politics by Eugene Cho, what was your biggest takeaway?

I look forward to hearing from you.