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Outdoor Service Q&A

Q: Is the service the same as the 10:30 am online service? 
A: Yes and no. We will have the same sermon, but the worship will be different since we will have different worship leaders, different songs and we'll sing for a longer time at 4pm. We will also have more time for prayer ministry like we used to. But the biggest difference is that we will be able to worship God, in person & together, while safely distanced and masked.

Q: Will we still have our 10:30 am online service?
A: Yes! Until May 30. Then, beginning June 6, we will only have a 4pm service, which will be an outdoor/in-person service that will also be livestreamed.

Q: Will we be following CDC guidelines for outdoor worship?
A: YES! We will be following CDC guidelines. To help us keep one another safe, before arriving please review the Outdoor Service Attendee Guidelines taken from PBC's guidelines. Masks and social distancing are required. We will not pass the basket for offering.

Q: Is registration required?
A: No, just show up! :)

Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: Yes! Although we won't have an official program for children, there will be a designated area nearby, on the side, for children age 5 and under to hang out with their parents. Starting June 6, we will have activities at different stations for children to participate in, during the service.

Q: Are bathrooms available?
A: Yes!
They will be single occupancy.

Q: Will there be shade?
A: Yes. There are tents available and we can bring out more, if necessary. Please reach out to one of the staff for help with that.

Q: Where can I park?
A: There is plenty of parking available.
Find an open spot!