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When we worship God
we enter his presence

We enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. 
Psalm 100:4
He inhabits the praises of His people.
—Psalm 22:3

worship with us

We have a variety of worship leaders, musicians and singers that love to worship God. During the pandemic we have not been able to be together the way we normally would but like many, we've quickly become home studio musicians. Here are some videos we've used to lead our congregation in worship.

Worship is more than just singing

Reflections on Luke 7:36-50

A woman, known as a “sinner”, came to Jesus, while He was at one of the Pharisee’s house having dinner. As she stood at the feet of Jesus, she was completely overwhelmed and started weeping. Her tears fell onto his feet. Immediately, she bent down to wipe them, and all she could do was wipe off her tears from his feet with her hair. She had brought with her a bottle of her most expensive perfume, and she poured it out on his feet as well. And then, she kissed them!

The Pharisee did not approve of this. He said, it was a waste of money! But Jesus rebuked him. He saw this woman for who she was! He knew her heart and what she had gone through. He knew why she was crying. She was seen by Him. She was heard by Him. And in response, he said to her, “Your sins are forgiven... Your faith has saved you... Go in peace.”

This woman, when in the presence of Jesus, was so greatly affected by Him, that she couldn't help but to step out of her comfort zone. She definitely broke through cultural and societal barriers. She was not afraid to go against the norms of behavior. This brave act of worship was the door to her freedom.

When we come to Jesus, honestly, bravely, and just as we are, He is always ready and willing to receive us, forgive us, and set us free. This is our intention when we enter into the worship space at PAVC. When we worship God, we encourage you to be honest and brave, to go to Jesus wholly and completely - just as you are, because He is here in our midst to receive you.

we welcome you

This is a photo of our Easter worship team in 2019! We look forward to meeting you and worshipping with you.