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Prayer Ministry

At Palo Alto Vineyard Church, we value praying for others in a very down-to-earth, no-hype way. We value being able to hear and discern the voice of God, and we desire to empower others to do this too. We pray for healing from sickness, spiritual oppression, emotional wounding, and just general concerns of life. Not all of us are professionally-trained therapists, but we have great respect for the field and try to incorporate as much wisdom and knowledge from therapeutic values into our prayer sessions. Our overall goal when we pray is to speak God's heart, all done in a spirit of love.

Our Prayer Ministry department is co-led by Suzanne & Terence Magno. Suzanne is on staff as Director of Worship & Administration. Terence is a volunteer leader and also serves in the Worship Ministry.

Soaking Prayer Sessions

Soaking prayer is an extended time of prayer, where people inside and outside of the church are welcome to come for an intentional time of listening to God and soaking in His presence. Trained teams pray for individuals and/or couples for about an hour, depending on the need. We offer prayers for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Right now, we are continuing to have Soaking Prayer on Zoom. Send an email to  with questions or to sign-up.

Prayer at the end of service

When we have in-person services, we usually have time at the end of our services dedicated to praying for those who want prayer. As a Vineyard church, we have been gifted with a prayer model that emphasizes listening to God and giving space for the Holy Spirit to work. Our style is not to force things or to make things happen, but to allow for God Himself to do the work in meaningful and transformative ways. We have seen God heal, restore, encourage and bring freedom during these times. We have a team of trained pray-ors who will speak God's heart over you and bless you with more of His loving presence. Everything you share with anyone on our team during this time will be kept in confidence.

Prayer Ministry Trainings

We host trainings 1 to 2 times per year. Topics include: Hearing God, the Vineyard Prayer Model, Confession & Forgiveness, Healing of Memories, Healing of Trauma and Identity in Christ.