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Here at the Palo Alto Vineyard, we are called to be Christ’s body and demonstrate God’s love to each other and to our neighbors.  There are many different ways we do this, from making sure tech equipment is set up so we can hear and see to leading small groups in our homes to ministering with our Community Partners. Below is an overview of all our different ministries.  We are a more complete body when every part is working together!  If you would like to serve with us, let’s explore the best role for you in our church body.

Sunday Morning Ministries

If you have any questions about the Sunday Morning Ministries, please contact Cindi Fong at

Tech Team

Vision: The Tech team is an integral part of the worship team, enabling and enhancing the “seeing” and “hearing” of the worship service by orchestrating the sound and video systems, so that the congregation can attend to God and to one another without distraction. When you serve on Tech Team your eyes and ears are opened to the intricacies of worship and of interaction with God and others!

2 volunteers facilitating sound from 8:45 am to the end of service (12 noon)
3 volunteers facilitating camera, projection and livestream from 9 am to the end of the service

Expected Commitment: Serve once or twice a month.


Vision: The Hospitality Team is the face of Jesus, offering a welcoming entry to church where people will feel seen, known, and wanted. They do this by greeting people, setting up our welcome signs and tables, ushering, providing coffee and orienting people to our space.

2 Greeters, 1 Ushers, and 1 Welcome Table Host arrive at 10 am and serve until 10:50am
1 Person Picks up and Delivers Coffee

Expected Commitment: Serve once every 4-5 weeks.

Set Up & Tear Down 

Vision: Worship involves all of our bodies and environment.  The Set Up and Tear Down Roles transform our physical environment to create a sacred and beautiful space where people can experience the presence of God from the moment they enter the cafetorium and throughout the service.

people tear down tech equipment at 12
1 person sets up hospitality area (church banners & welcome table) at 9:30 am
1 person tears down hospitality area  (church banners & welcome table) at 12:10 pm

Expected Commitment:  Serve once or twice a month.

Children’s Ministries

Vision: The PAVC Children’s Ministry seeks to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children from birth through 5th grade. Believing that children can encounter God from an early age, our goals are the following: 1) to help children know and experience God’s love 2) discern and hear God’s voice and 3) foster an understanding of how each child fits in God’s Kingdom story. As children are important members of the Body of Christ, we also seek to provide intergenerational opportunities where children can build relationships with others in the church.


2 Adult Volunteers to oversee babies and toddlers


1-2 adult volunteers for preschool

Kidz Corner

5 adults to help teach and lead our K-4th grade children
1 coordinator

5th Grade

1-2 adults

Expectations for all Classes in Children’s Ministry:

  • Fingerprinting/Background Check
  • Children’s Ministry volunteer application
  • Two references
  • Abuse Awareness Training (online)
  • Read and agree to safety policies
  • Serve regularly, with a preference of at least one time a month

Contact Julie Young at  if you are interested or have any questions.

Youth Ministry

Vision: The PAVC Youth MInistry builds up the body of Christ by nurturing faith, compassionate service, and genuine outreach among our 6th-12th graders. Everything we do contributes to students 1) owning their own faith 2) growing in leadership and 3) experiencing authentic community. Some people say we are “raising the leaders of tomorrow” but we see our students taking risks and growing in leadership right now–in our church, their schools and communities. Grounded in their relationship with God, our students are being transformed, and this naturally leads to students serving others inside and outside the church.

Volunteers who serve alongside our youth will 1) have A LOT of fun 2) enjoy really meaningful conversations 3) grow deeply in their own faith 4) be stretched as they serve in the community alongside our youth 5) enjoy high quality companionship with some of the most interesting, fun-loving, prayerful people around–the other youth leaders.

5 Youth Leaders who each serve 15 hours per month
13 Mentors who mentor teenagers 5-10 hours per month

We seek volunteers who are good listeners, good at asking questions, prayerful, and will regularly ask God for wisdom as they support our youth in the challenges of growing up in the Silicon Valley. Ideally, our leaders will connect with “their” youth on Sundays, as well as reach out during the week to ask questions, and offer prayer, to help students integrate their faith with the rest of their life.

  1. Background check
  2. Commitment forms – Youth Commitment Form, Safety Policy and Practice Form
  3. Serve twice a month
  4. Ministry Safe Training
  5. Interview
  6. Hard Conversations training (if 4 month commitment or more)

Contact Katie Andersen at  if you are interested or have any questions.