Welcome to Children’s Ministry

We want to help children know and experience God’s love, hear God’s voice and know they are a part of His kingdom story

Kidz Corner

Join us on Sundays for a children’s program with outside stations (weather permitting).  This is a fun time to connect with friends, play games and learn Bible stories about God’s great love for us, His children.

Kidz Corner starts mid-way through the service after intergenerational worship with parents.

Each week we will be learning something about WHO God is and HOW we respond and reflect Him.

Here are a few lessons we’ll be covering:

God is creative….so we’re creative

God is the greatest….and we don’t need to be

God is giving…so we’re giving

Typical Schedule

10:15am to 10:30am: Parents check in your Kidz when you arrive at JLS prior to service start time. Check-in booth will be under the breezeway by the Cafetorium. Service starts at 10:30am so please plan accordingly.

10:30am to 10:50am: Kids will stay with parents for the first 20 minutes of the service for worship.

After worship, parents please walk your kids over to Kidz Corner.

Kidz Corner starts with a kids worship time for all children ages 3-11. After the kids worship, the preschool class transitions into a classroom and all other children (K-5th grade) stay at the outside stations.

At the end of the service, please pick up preschoolers at the preschool room and all K-5th grade children are picked up at Kidz Corner.

Nursery & Toddler Class

We provide indoor childcare for kids 3 and under.

Preschool Class

All children in preschool, Pre-K, or TK start Sunday mornings with the older kids at Kidz Corner and after an all kids worship time, the preschool class meets in a separate space indoors.

5th Connection

We recognize the unique challenges kids face as they prepare to enter middle school. To provide support and encouragement, and foster connections with the middle school youth group, we provide a 5th Connection class in the spring for all 5th graders about to graduate and move to middle school.


We place the highest priority on providing a safe and secure environment for our children.

We have an extensive screening and training process for our volunteers, including applications, interviews and fingerprinting. We are observant of the latest health concerns and guidelines.

Baby Dedications

For parents who want to have a meaningful ceremony entrusting their young child or baby’s life in God’s hands, we recommend baby dedications. Baby dedications are short, joyful ceremonies during our Sunday morning worship service where the family and community brings a child before God asking for His grace and presence in his or her life.

We believe that baptism is a conscious choice to follow Jesus and commit to a lifelong relationship of trust for and obedience to Him. Therefore, we encourage adults, teenagers, and older children (age 8 and above) to consider making this very important and wonderful decision.

Generally speaking, we encourage kids to be at least 8 years old to be baptized. However, we recognize kids may understand the idea of baptism and be ready to make a decision earlier.  Please let one of our pastors know if this is the case, and they will be happy to set up a time to talk to your child about it.