Compassion & Justice

As a church, we are called to participate with God in the restoration of the world around us. Our church partners with organizations both locally and globally through prayer, service, and financial support. We also seek to learn about the systems that cause poverty, injustice and oppression and help those who are marginalized.

Community Partners

What is a Community Partner?

A local organization that PAVC has an ongoing, church-wide commitment to with the goal of seeking God’s transformation in our communities.

What is Our Vision?

Our church commits to engage with our Community Partners on multiple levels, including prayer ministry, volunteer work, and education about the justice issues that impact the people the organization serves. We desire depth in both personal and organizational relationships, with the intention that individuals will be activated to live out every element of the church mission statement: To Empower People From All Backgrounds to have Intimacy With God and Influence For His Kingdom.

Hope Horizon East Palo Alto equips east-of-Bayshore youth to grow spiritually, gain life skills and develop as leaders so that they have hope and a future.

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Buena Vista Partners

Buena Vista Partners of Palo Alto is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit benefiting our neighbors who live at Buena Vista Mobile Home Park in Palo Alto, CA. This low income, largely immigrant community has been hard hit by rising costs in Silicon Valley and more recently by the Covid-19 pandemic. We provide a helping hand.

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Reach SV (Silicon Valley)

Reach SV mobilizes the local community to provide food, shelter, social services, and other necessities of life for individuals and families affected by unstable housing and unemployment.

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venture Fund

Do you see a way to bless the people around you? Do you have a wild idea for how to help people during the current crisis? We want to support your ideas! We look to you to help distribute the money we have, by being neighbors and spreading blessing throughout our communities. We actually have a significant budget for this and would love to have it used as you reach out to the people around you, building relationship and spreading God’s love.

One recent example of a Venture Fund activity comes from a member of our community whose neighbor owns a restaurant. The restaurant is struggling with a decrease in customers. The idea came to buy $500 of food from the restaurant and take it to the RV community that we have been connected with. So, they bought the food and used it to bless another part of our community. Ministry partner connections also helped facilitate the distribution. Community working together to be a blessing!

Compassion Weekends

Once a year, instead of attending a church service on a Sunday morning, we go out and serve our Community Partners.

Ministry Partners

A local or international individual or organization that PAVC supports financially and through one time or occasional events.

Supported Partners

A local or international individual or organization that PAVC desires to bless financially, but does not provide additional support or events for.