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On Christmas Eve, December 24, 2021 we will gather for a joyful intergenerational service of celebrating the birth of Christ.  We will end our service with individually held candles to remind us of the spiritual light which Jesus gives to each one of us.  Please consider inviting friends and family for this beautiful celebration.

Click here to watch the Livestream of the 3pm Service.
Click here to watch the Livestream of the 5pm Service.


Special Advent Events

Devotional Resources

To help you be sane, healthy and spiritual during this time, here are four Advent devotional guides to give you a structured way to engage with God during this time of waiting.

Advent Devotional-Vineyard Church      

Adore Him: One Star, One Hope Devotional

Our Advent devotional is now available on the YouVersion Bible app.
During Advent, we remember that Jesus is God’s Star, heralding God’s love and forgiving power to us. Each devotional in this series is for one of the Sundays leading up to Christmas. The fifth, and final devotional, is for Christmas Day. Share these short reflections around a meal table, or use them independently. More than anything, lift your eyes to God’s Star – Jesus – as your Hope this season.

24/7 Christmas Yule Log on YouTube

Listen to Vineyard Music's 24/7 Christmas Worship Music Yule Log all this month on YouTube. Let the ambient sounds of a crackling fire and Christmas worship music flood your workspace and home while you celebrate this season.

advent PRAYER calendar

Each day from November 28 to December 24th Christmas Eve, join us in praying for six different areas of our church that  God is calling us to press into this year: Church Leadership, Discipling Children & Youth, Increasing Diversity, Increasing our Witness, Small Groups, and Community Partners. Click on the plus sign next to each day for a prompt to help you pray for one of those areas.

Nov 28

Church Leadership

Pray for the Church Board: Laurette, Gary, Cyrus and Susan.

Nov 29

Discipling Children

Pray that our children would know and believe in God and His love for them.

Nov 30

Increasing Diversity

Pray that we can become more of an Intergenerational church.

Dec 1

Increasing our Witness

Pray for our colleagues and neighbors.

Dec 2

Small Groups

Pray for the Leaders of our Small Groups.

Dec 3

Discipling Youth

Pray for the Youth Alpha Retreat.

Dec 4

Community Partners

Pray for Reach Potential Movement and the Latino community in Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Palo Alto.

Dec 5

Church Leadership

Pray for the Compassion & Justice Board:
Georgina, Kassie, Jon, Johann, Gregg, Tracy, Joey and Julie

Dec 6

Discipling Children

Pray that our children would learn to hear and discern God's Voice for themselves.

Dec 7

Increasing Diversity

Pray for more Racial and Cultural Diversity in our church.

Dec 8

Increasing our Witness

Pray for our church's Alpha courses: Wednesday nights for seekers, and Sunday mornings for our congregation.

Dec 9

Small Groups

Pray for opportunities for our Small Groups to be serving together.

Dec 10

Discipling Youth

Pray for youth to have a deeper, authentic faith.

Dec 11

Community Partners

Pray for CIC Ministries and the incarcerated in the criminal justice system.

Dec 12

Church Leadership

Pray for the Pastoral Leadership Team:
Ron, Amanda, Stacey, Jim and Susan

Dec 13

Discipling Children

Pray that our children would develop their own personal prayer life.

Dec 14

Increase Diversity

Pray that in our personal interactions with our friends, family, coworkers, and community, we learn to show grace for political differences.

Dec 15

Increase our Witness

Pray for the Caltega Food Distribution and the opportunity to build deeper relationships with the residents.

Dec 16

Small Groups

Pray that our Small Groups will be welcoming spaces for whoever attends them.

Dec 17

Discipling Youth

Pray for more Leaders and Mentors for youth.

Dec 18

Community Partners

Pray for Bayshore Christian Ministries and the families they serve in East Palo Alto.

Dec 19

Church Leadership

Pray for the Staff Team:
Susan, Ron, Mike, Julie, Suzanne, Katie, Lisa, Ian, Kurtis, Landon, Meera and Yoonha

Dec 20

Discipling Children

Pray that our children know their identity in Jesus as His Sons and Daughters.

Dec 21

Increase Diversity

Pray for our church to be a place that shows love for the LGBT+ Community.

Dec 22

Increase our Witness

Pray for the conversations God may be leading us to have with Extended Family during this holiday season.

Dec 23

Small Groups

Pray for our Small Groups to be a place of Connection and Community.

Dec 24

Discipling Youth

Pray that youth develop a curiosity about Jesus

Dec 25


Hope, love and unity for Christmas!