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Our Purpose

We are a Vineyard Church in Palo Alto, California.

Our mission is to empower people from all backgrounds to have intimacy with God and influence for His Kingdom.


We believe that we are able to meet and experience God through the presence of the Holy Spirit. In our corporate gatherings, we desire worship, teaching and prayer ministry that is Holy Spirit led. We expect the Holy Spirit to speak to us, to heal us holistically (body, mind and spirit), and to bring constant transformation in our lives.


We honor, learn from, and celebrate the diversity within our church as we build intentional, deep, thriving relationships with one another. We have found that being vulnerable and honest is the best way to forge the intimate relationships that God has for us in Christian community. We take risks to connect with people who are very different from us. We offer practical service to one another and reconcile conflicts in order to prioritize true, connected relationships.


We aim to love our "local" neighbors - where we live, work and play - as well as those Jesus calls us to "be a neighbor to" in the Bay Area and the world. We believe that the call to love is not just words or a concept but must be lived out in practical ways in our lives.


We believe that faith is primary - not conceptual but relational. Jesus is a real person who is present in our lives and speaking to us regularly. Therefore, our relationship with Jesus is not meant to be stagnant, but dynamic, intimate and transformative.


We want to be a community of humble and honest people. As we mature into the reality of the grace of God, we are free to be transparent and vulnerable with God and with one another. Knowing that we all make mistakes and sin, we live in the reality that Christian relationships must be based on the cross of Christ and not mere human affinity.


We value worshipping God as a whole community, and believe it is God’s desire for faith to be shared across the generations! On the First Sunday of every month, our services are intergenerational, that means, kids and youth participate and help lead parts of the service. When we serve our neighbors, we also do this intergenerationally, everyone gets involved! We do not “look down” on our kids and youth because they are young, but we seek to engage and involve kids and youth in what Jesus is doing!

What We Believe

We are part of the Vineyard family of churches. Our faith is expressed in the Statement of Faith of the Association of Vineyard Churches.

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What is baptism?

We believe that water baptism is a gift that God gives to all those who decide to follow Jesus. Baptism is an ancient tradition of the Christian church, and we see in scripture that Jesus Himself was baptized at the start of His ministry (Mark 1:9), and that He tells His church to baptize all who follow Him (Matthew 28:19). We believe that baptism gives us a way to witness to our faith, a way to connect with God and say “Yes” to Him, and it joins us to the church worldwide, and locally in our community. It is a wonderful celebration, rich in meaning and a special moment in the life of a Christian.

Who can get baptized at this church?

We offer baptism to those who have decided to follow Jesus and are ready to make a public commitment to this end. Older children and youth are welcome to be baptized.

If you have been baptized in another church or community, or as an infant, we recognize that baptism, but we do offer a special ceremony for those who would like to re-dedicate themselves to God, or affirm their baptism.


If you are interested in baptism or re-dedication, please contact the church office and the relevant staff member will connect with you.

Baby Dedications

What is a baby dedication?

For parents who want to have a meaningful ceremony entrusting their young child or baby's life in God's hands, we recommend baby dedications. Baby dedications are short, joyful ceremonies during our Sunday morning worship service where the family and community brings a child before God asking for His grace and presence in his or her life.

Do you perform baby baptisms?

We believe that baptism is a conscious choice to follow Jesus and commit to a lifelong relationship of trust for and obedience to Him. Therefore, we encourage adults, teenagers, and older children (age 8 and above) to consider making this very important and wonderful decision.

why we Worship

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